Rejoice! It isn’t raining!

After months of raining, the summer is finally here! And London pubs know how to put a positive spin on that because what’s better in this weather than a pub crawl? Last night I joined a group of Londonist enthusiasts on Best Pubs in Farringdon Pub Crawl. Great people, great conversations and a sensible amount of drink. When is the last time you discussed fusion, Orwell and the greatest moments in human history in a pub all in the same night?

If you could choose one moment in the history of human kind to return to in order to witness it, where would you teleport yourself to? My answer was Big Bang but then I got told I couldn’t because I wouldn’t exist. I chose to disagree with this approach. I am sure I could find a way. So tell me what moment would you like to witness?

And if you are looking for the best pub in the area, it must be the one and only Jerusalem Tavern. Tiny but so cosy!


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