Whitecross Street Party and Richard III

It was yet another busy Sunday. Oh, if only all Sundays could be so good. I spent the afternoon exploring Whitecross Street Party with all its glory. What an amazing array of street art, musicians and comedy! And a real community spirit. If you missed it, you can still admire the artwork on Whitecross Street for another few weeks.

One of the partners for the event was SHP, a charity preventing homelessness and promoting social inclusion. Drew (below) was there offering seedlings grown by vulnerable people as a part of SHP’s outreach project for a small donation. He was a lovely man and we talked about the importance of the symbiotic relationship between man and nature, the basis of humanity as Drew put it. If you want to support the work of SHP and they have plenty of work to do in the current climate then please text GIFT36 (insert the amount of money you wish to donate 1, 2, 3, 4 or more pounds) to 70070 to donate. I did.

After enjoying the afternoon full of sunshine, I headed to The Globe to see Richard III. Now I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of Shakespeare and to see Mark Rylance on stage as Richard III was the cherry on top. I absolutely loved his performance as Johnny ‘Rooster’ Byron in Jerusalem so imagine my surprise to see so much of Johnny ‘Rooster’ Byron in his portrayal of Richard III. I have always seen Richard III as a sinister and serious play famous for its persuasive speeches and Richard’s ability to manipulate those around him so to find myself laughing at him, Rylance making a mockery of his character (and I mean it in the most positive way possible!) was simply fascinating. I definitely recommend it to everyone!


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