The One And Only Olympic Post!

And by that I mean the only post you’ll see from me on the subject. I like The Games, I like the national pride enjoyment of sport evokes. I am not a great fan of the commercial side of them though and let’s be honest in the current economic climate money could be better spent. But The Games are here whether we like them or not so let’s enjoy them.

I am sure everyone has heard about the Olympic copyright madness with elderly lady being banned from selling her dolls with Olympic rings on or the spectators not being able to buy chips around the stadium all because other brands like to jump on the bandwagon of The Games. (*Please, please, please London Organising Committee do not sue me for using the words Olympic, Games, sport, torch all in one post!*) And do the naughty market competitors do it? Of course, they do! Hats off to the talented copywriters. Who doesn’t like a clever advert?! Here is one example I spotted on the tube today.

Now you might think that with The Games just two days away everyone is hard at work to make sure everything is ready but you are wrong. The guys still do their usual thing that they do. They chill.

If you turned on the news within the last month or so, you can’t have missed the Olympic Torch Relay. Finally, the torch came to Wood Green. I thought I might as well walk down the road to have a look since it’s on my doorstep. Whenever they show it on telly, you can see the crowds nicely lined up with a touch of fancy dress here and there waiting for the torch to pass. Wood Green dressed up too. Wood Green style.

Now sadly, when the torch finally came, it rushed past with everyone pushing and shoving so no happy torch shots for me. This is the best shot I got but hey, I have Cuba to look forward to photographywise! I’ll see you all in three weeks!


One thought on “The One And Only Olympic Post!

  1. Well you DID manage to get one action shot of the damned thing. But from what I saw last night on tv, there were dozens of the things, so who knows exactly “which” is the real deal? I kept waiting for it to go out. Oops

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