Cuban Way of Life

Remember the days before mobile phones took over our lives? That’s what Cuba feels like. Since the access to the internet at home is limited to foreigners, accredited journalists, government officials and people who know someone who knows someone, and the concept of the net on the go does not even exist, people socialise the old fashioned way. They talk to each other. Everywhere you go, you see people sitting in their doorways or standing by their windows and chatting with their friends passing by. I loved it. The community spirit you don’t feel living in London was everywhere.

Going to Cuba for me felt like going back in time to Poland under the communist rule in 1980s. The old cars, the slow pace of life because what should be done today might as well be done tomorrow, the resourceful approach to life when not having much you had to reuse, reuse and then reuse once again. And let’s be honest there isn’t much that a duct tape won’t fix. And most importantly knowing people because the only way to make it in this world is to know someone who knows someone who can get just exactly what you want.


13 thoughts on “Cuban Way of Life

    • Thank you! I walked past that couple a number of times during the day as they were repainting their house so by the evening when I saw them sitting down, I asked them for a photo. His tattoo was the most bizarre and fascinating drawing.

  1. Great photos! You have captured that aspect of Cuban life perfectly. I have just got back from spending 5 months in Havana (as I have been writing about in my Blog) and the community spirit that you mentioned is definitely one of the biggest things I noticed about their society that’s different to ours. And it’s one of the things that I miss the most now I am back. Loved chatting with whoever, whenever and wherever. You learn some interesting things!

  2. great pictures – and great message too – just chat to someone wherever you are as it is easy to stop and move on if they don’t feel OK about you doing that. BUT I FIND LOTS OF PEOPLE JUST TALK BACK!!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog today and liking “Creating Oneself”. Your images are Fabulous. I’m so glad your visit to my blog brought me to your blog. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Please come visit my blog again soon.

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