Cycling Adventures in Town

Let’s take a break from Cuba photos.

The first weekend back has been pretty amazing so far. I got to catch up with Dracorubio, a good friend of mine from Holland and today I met up with a good friend of mine and a blogging celebrity, Lady Velo on the set of The Cycle Show at Look Mum No Hands cafe. I made quite the entrance when I got caught up in the pouring rain on the way in and arrived looking like I was just about to take part in a wet shirt contest!

I was lucky enough to meet both Dani King and Lizzie Armitstead, respectively Olympic Gold and Silver Medalists in cycling. Both wonderful young ladies. I was particularly impressed with Lizzie speaking out against sexism in sport following her success at The Games while Dani amazed me with how poised she remained during the cycling challenge but more on that below. I don’t usually do cheesy shots but this time round I could not resist. Thank you to Ian for taking the photos for me.

I also met Joff Summerfield, the man who cycled around the world on Penny Farthing – I was told by his friend that he was only the second man in the history of the mankind to do so. These days he makes Penny Farthings for a living. I managed to snap a quick photo off him straight after the second attempt at the racing challenge. Meet Joff:

Part of the show includes a racing challenge, where the guests on the show compete with each other. This time round it was Dani racing against Joff. And what a challenge it was! It had to be filmed twice as Dani lost her mike, which got caught up in the back wheel. Pure speed! The woman remained poised and continued racing! What a fantastic show! I would have panicked and fallen off the bike in her place. I guess there is a good reason why she is the World Champion unlike me.

It has to be noted though that we also witnessed The Cycle Show record being beated although that race was not filmed for the show. Dani’s boyfriend won his challenge managing to finish the race in 00:21:85 over a whole second faster than the current Cycle Show record of 23 seconds something. When asked if his score will be recorded on their record board, he laughed that he was a nobody but as I later found out it wasn’t entirely true as he is an ex-racing cyclist.

We finished the day off with Lady Velo road testing my bike Velorbis Dannebrog and I am happy to report that she fell in love with with just like I did when I first got it. The best bike ever!

Here is a video of the first attempt at the challenge. The one, where Dani King broke the bike. I will let you tune in tomorrow night to ITV4 to find out what the final outcome of the challenge was.


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