Cubans At Work

As mentioned in Cubans At Play post, the Cuban communist system does not encourage hard work or initiative. Self-employed Cubans are incredibly hard-working and committed to their business, the same cannot be said for a lot of those employed by the government-owned companies. It’s the system though that needs to be blamed, not the people. Here is a series of photographs of Cubans at work.

The photo below was taken in Havana in a sewing shop. These guys were in the heat of an argument when I spotted them – something to do with the Olympics I bet – but as soon as they saw me point my camera at them, they started singing and dancing for me. I must admit I loved how friendly and fun the Cubans are once you leave the touristy streets behind.

As you can see, even workout doesn’t involve much work in Cuba. Taken in Baracoa.

Check out the local bookshop in Santiago. I loved the artistic chaos there. The owner was a wonderful elderly gent who collects second-hand books. Sadly, we didn’t find what we were looking for.

A lot of Cubans have taken to earning a few extra bucks by busking or posing for photos. In a lot of cases it was worth the ‘uno peso’ they asked for. Another way of making money was owning a bike taxi. Oh my! These boys can carry some weight on there!


6 thoughts on “Cubans At Work

  1. Same feeling here. There is no life on these dull snapshots. Maybe it’s me, can’t connect with “your Cuba” at all.

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