Isle of May

When away in Scotland, I headed for the Isle of May. Beautiful little isle that in season is a home to a colony of 40,000 pairs of puffins and some 200,000 other birds. Yes, I did get the number of zeros right. I cannot quite imagine how loud and crazy the place must be with so many seabirds on such a small isle but I will find out next year when I return. I’ve been wanting to shoot puffins ever since I saw pictures of them in Iceland last year so let’s hope come next July I will get to snap those curious creatures.

The Isle of May is also home and a breeding ground to a large colony of seals who use the pebbled beach as their ‘delivery room and the nursery’. It’s their isle now for the next few months. I do recommend a visit if you are in that part of Scotland, especially if you are there around the brid breeding season from April till mid-August. It’s supposed to be an unforgettable experience. I am kind of picturing it a little bit like Hitchcock’s Birds but more birds and maybe a little friendlier.

There are four lighthouses on the isle and they are there for a good reason. The rocks around the isle have a rich history of being responsible for a lot of shipwrecks over the years.


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