The Lost Lectures

Last Friday I had a great pleasure of attending The “freezing cold but oh so thought-provoking” Lost Lectures held at Tobacco Dock in east London. The idea is simple and in line with the ‘so in right now’ idea of the pop-up events. Secret location, secret list of speakers or rather ‘eclectic host of speakers (6 per evening) from the worlds of science, art, design, business, blogging, entertainment and many others’ as explained on the event’s webpage. It was my first Lost Lecture evening and it lived up to my every expectation with the exception of the temperature maybe but then it was a very cold night.



First up was a lovely young lady, Emily Cummins, who is an inventor. She definitely made me feel ashamed of how little impact I have had on the lives of others while she’s improving the lives of those worse off in Africa with something that started off as a school project. Definitely inspiring!

Then it was time for the Infographics man, David McCandless, who proved to be the star of the evening. Oh, he had us gasping in horror and then laughing out loud with his visualisation of data.

I still can’t get over his visualisations of how money gets spent on across the world, not to mention the UK budget (£9 a day per person for NHS?!). Check out The Billion Dollar Gram below. Can you believe how much we’re spending on the financial sector as opposed to everything else?!

billion_dollar_960But there was light-hearted side to it all too. I mean how do you think toast compare to the popularity of cornflakes, muesli and porridge?


My second favourite speaker was Steve Jones, who talked about nature vs. nature and genetics. I now know how to get a light coloured Siamese cat! I won’t reveal much more as I am sure clips of the talks will be available on line but overall, it was an enchanting evening with plenty of wows and gasps. The Lost Lectures will be back next year so make sure you sign up!


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