2012 Round-Up

I did the picture mosaic for Weekly Challenges and then realised that there was so much more to this year that it deserves a write-up so here are my top 5 or more moments of 2012.

1. Cuba. 2012 was all about that three-week trip. There were many moments that I wish to remember but top three that come to mind are: Baracoa – not sure what it is about this little town but I felt happy there. Whether it’s the music or the people or something in the water, the place made me happy. Made me reflect. I got to stand where Columbus stood thinking he’d found a way to India not realising that he just discovered The New World. Then the casas particulares we stayed in Trinidad. Eating avocado straight from the tree, friendly faces and one beautiful house. And finally, the last few days in Havana and in particular, the run back to the hotel in torrential rain to the entertainment of the whole street. Fun times!

2. Theatre. At the beginning of 2012 I went to see Jerusalem and loved it. The experience made me realise how much I miss the theatre experience so I made a commitment to go more often. I saw at least one play a month and enjoyed myself in the process. Quite the eye opener. Doll’s House at the Young Vic was the overall winner. The best play I have seen, possibly EVER.

3. So many amazing exhibitions but for me Barbican’s Everything Was Moving, especially Ernest Cole’s photography was the definite winner of 2012.

4. Friends. Where would we be without them and for me some friendships really blossomed this year, new friendships developed giving me the strength and happiness to appreciate life more. I hope I had a similar impact on my friends. Here is to you: Pola, Naki, Krystle, Sarah, Eddie and Sharon!

5. Rainbow. Being in a rainbow is once in a lifetime experience and it made for one very memorable birthday. Being on 40th floor made it even more memorable so.

6. That one weekend in September when Adde was in London. Fantastic shooting experience with amazing street photographers and well, plenty of good food. There was that moment outside the Albion sitting on the kerb drinking beer where one would wish the time would stand still. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon people watching. It reminded me of how much I miss the Sunday afternoons I used to spend in The Gypsy Moth years ago with my other good friend who no longer lives in London. These were the times!

7. A little girl, Anna Maria joining our family. I am an auntie times three. It’ll be a pleasure watching my closest friend grow as a mother of this little beauty.

Happy New Year everyone! Party safe tonight! And here are two leftovers I found in my archives. May 2013 bring us beautiful photographs and stunning memories!

The countdown to Nepal and the Himalayas adventure in April begins tonight!



One thought on “2012 Round-Up

  1. An awesome and eventful year I see has gone by and I wish you an even better one in 2013! I’m already jealous of your adventure in Nepal and will look forward to your pictures and tales. May you have a fabulous year filled with joy and love!

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