Lichtenstein and Manet…

…all in one day to walk off the most delicious lunch at St John Restaurant. Talk about culture overload!

Let’s start with Lichtenstein. He was not one trick pony! I have always admired his comic strip like style but I was amazed at the range at the Retrospective at Tate Modern. I am not going to lie, it didn’t all appeal to me but I was impressed with some of his creations. Obviously, I loved all the romance and war based comic strip paintings he is most famous for but I was also in awe of his interpretations of other famous pieces. His portrait of George Washington had an ‘awwww’ effect on me while I couldn’t get enough of his reworking of Picasso’s “Femme d’Alger”.

The verdict? Definitely worth a visit. It’s the exhibition you wouldn’t want to miss.


Next up was Manet at the Royal Academy of Arts. I knew before I headed out that this exhibition was getting lukewarm reviews as some critics felt that more of his prominent pieces should be displayed and his relationship with his sitters could be explored further.

My impressions? I quite enjoyed getting to know the way he experimented with the trends of his time. My favourite room is the one where two different techniques are lined up against each other on each side of the room. I could spend a few good hours studying how different a painter he was when pursuing classical styles as opposed to when dabbling in what was to become later referred to as Impressionism.

The exhibition is definitely worth a visit as long as you are not expecting to see a collection of all his best pieces.



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